Watering and Accessories


Oscillating, whirling, and impulse are types of sprinklers we offer. Most of these come in various models allowing for different coverages. Let us help select the right model for you.

Wands and Nozzles

With colourful styles and various water settings, wands and nozzles may be a bit of a personal choice but we certainly have a style that will suit your needs.


Tried and tested for durability the Flexogen and Greenthumb line of hoses are extremely tough and kink resistant. Available in 50’ or 100’ lengths. Also available are soaker hoses, perfect for slow saturation of planting beds.

Watering Cans

Haws watering cans are known in the industry as the must have for all gardeners. Their simple yet strong design will last forever. Also available are colourful and fun watering cans for kids and adults.


Hose spliters, water stops, quick connect attachments , hose repair kits, couplers, adaptors, washers, hose guides, hangers and reels, water timers, and so much more are available.