Gardens and Patio

Fairy Gardening

Fairy gardening is extremely popular and we’re ready with lots of cool new pieces and miniature plants. Choose to design your garden as a living garden or more simply as a non-live creative work of art. This is an amazing hobby that is fun for the whole family or just as fun on your own. So let loose and put your creative flare to the test.


New for 2015 – we’ve got the Edison style patio lights. Choose from either an old school classic look or the funky and cozy new styles to create your ambiance.

Also available are solar powered 60 white LED string lights – perfect for those areas that need some light without having to use power cords.

Outdoor Carpets

Patio and deck or dock carpets are the latest in outdoor trends. Choose from multiple styles and sizes. These mats and carpets are fade and mildew resistant and can simply be hosed off for cleaning.

Door mats are perfect for keeping the dirt where it belongs – outside. These durable mats are made from a natural coir fibre and natural rubber and can be left outdoors all year.

Statuary and Garden Décor

Garden ornaments big or small play an important role in the look you are creating.

In our “friends” category we have a selection of cats, dogs, frogs, bunnies, hedge hogs and turtles. If you like mystical then perhaps dragons, gargoyles and faces or masks are more your style. Unique pieces made from metal, concrete or ceramic can always be found.

Trellises, Stands and Obelisks

We offer a huge array of trellises in wood or painted iron in multiple shapes and sizes.

Obelisks come in many forms and can add a unique element to both containers and the garden. Choose from assorted styles.

Plant Stands are great to lift your pots of the floor indoors or off the deck and patio outside. Various sizes available.

Wall Art and Wall Hangers

The rod iron and coco fibre wall hangers remain extremely popular as they create an elegance and style all on their own. Choose from a large selection of styles and sizes.

Wall art, made from stamped metal in cool shapes are the perfect way to add some zest to you walls and fences. Perfect for outdoors but often used indoors