Bagged Products

There are so many different types of soils and amendments available so sometimes it can be confusing to identify which product to use. Let us help ensure that your plants get off to the best start possible by allowing us to select the right one for you.

Container and Indoor Soils and Amendments

  • Pro-Mix BX is great for amending and seeding 3.8 cubic feet compressed bale (107L)
  • Pro-Mix Potting Mix available in 3 sizes (9L, 28.3L and 56L)
  • Pro-Mix Container Mix (28.3L)
  •  Pro-Mix Vegetable and Herb Mix (28.3L)
  • Miracle Gro Potting Mix available in 3 sizes (17.6L, 28.3L, 60.5L)
  • Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix (28.3L)
  • Premier Potting Soil available in 2 sizes (15L and 25L)
  • Seed Starting Mix (9L)
  • African Violet Mix (9L)
  • Cactus Mix (9L)
  • Orchid Mix (9L)
  • Perlite (9L)
  • Vermiculite (9L)

Garden Soils and Amendments

  • Triple Mix (30L)
  • 3 Way-Mix (30L)
  • Black Earth (30L)
  • Top Soil (30L)
  • Top Dresser (30L)
  • Earth Worm Castings (20L)
  • Cattle Manure with compost (18kg)
  • Sheep Manure with compost (18kg)
  • Shrimp & Peat Compost (30L)
  • Blood and Bone Meal (1kg)
  • Blood Meal (1.3kg)
  • Bone Meal (1.2kg)
  • Dolomitic Limestone help neutralize acidic soils (15kg)
  • Peat Moss available in 2.2 cubic feet bags and smaller
  • Perlite is horticultural grade available in 4 cubic feet bags (113L)
  • Vermiculite is horticultural grade available in 4 cubic feet bags (113L)

Mulches and Stones

  • Cedar Mulch available in natural, black, mo-ha brown and red (57 L)
  • Pine Bark Nuggets available in large and small grade (56L)
  • River Stone available in 3 grades (5/8”-3/4”),( ¾”-1.25”), (1-3”) (18kg)
  • Gravel available in ¾” (18kg)
  • Play Sand is washed and clean (18kg)
  • White Marble Chips available in small, medium and large grade (18kg)
  • Red Crushed Brick in large grade (18kg)
  • Limestone Screenings (18kg)